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In the Fall of 2020 the City of Oregon is expected to award a contract for work related to the improvement of existing sanitary sewers in the South Shore Park subdivision of the City.  This work will take place on all streets North of Bay Shore Road, between Lakeview Avenue and E. Baywood Drive.  Sewers in this area are approaching 60 years old and require rehabilitation in order to maintain function, capacity, and prevent rain and ground water infiltration.  This work is expected to begin in the Fall of 2020 and will include the inspection and lining of existing sanitary sewers, manholes, and service laterals within the public right-of-way, see the below link to the project map.  This work will greatly improve the overall condition of the sewers, including the sanitary sewer lateral within the right-of-way.      

If you received a letter regarding the location of your existing sanitary sewer cleanout, please click the link below to begin the survey.  The City greatly appreciates your time in this matter.  If you have any questions regarding sanitary sewer cleanouts or this survey please feel free to contact the Department of Public Service at 419-698-7047.  

SSR Phase 5 Cleanout Survey

Project Map