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The City has received grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration through the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for the Navarre/Coy Intersection Improvement Project (LUC-2-22.51, PID 109596).

The project consists of the following improvements to the Navarre Avenue and Coy Road Intersection to reduce crashes and congestion at this intersection:

  • Installing a median along Navarre Avenue at the Coy Road Intersection with accommodations for U-turns
  • Adding a right turn lane for Westbound Navarre
  • Adding a right turn lane for Northbound Coy
  • Adding an additional thru-right lane for southbound Coy and extending the lane to Dustin Road
  • Replacing the existing traffic signal with all new signal poles and traffic signal equipment to improve visibility and accommodate pedestrians including adding supplemental signal heads, signal backplates and ADA compliant pedestrian signals.
  • Replacing the existing Coy Road bridge over Amolsch Ditch north of Navarre Avenue to accommodate additional pavement width and sidewalks
  • Resurfacing the pavement within project limits
  • Upgrading lane control and directional signage, including adding overhead lane-use signs.
  • Eliminating some drives near the intersection
  • Adding landscape and streetscape elements like the Navarre / Wheeling project

An approximate 45-day closure of Coy Road between Navarre Avenue and Starr Avenue is anticipated to allow for the replacement of the Coy Road Bridge over Amolsch Ditch. A detour will be established for the closure and vehicular and pedestrian access will be maintained to all abutting properties during the closure. Otherwise, traffic will be maintained throughout construction. For Navarre Avenue, a minimum of one-lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained at all times.

Actual construction on the project is currently scheduled for 2021.

A public meeting was held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 to present and discuss the currently proposed Navarre Avenue and Coy Road Intersection Safety Improvement Project with the general public, residents, business owners, and public officials, and to solicit public comments regarding the proposed project. . A PDF document of the meeting presentation is linked below.

Please contact the Department of Public Service if you have any questions about this project.

Public Meeting Presentation (10/23/2019)

Public Meeting Comment Sheet (Comment period closes 11/23/2019)

Public Meeting Handout (10/23/2019)