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Public Service Project Information

The City of Oregon has awarded a construction contract for the Navarre Avenue Waterline Replacement – Phase 1 Project starting west of Isaac Streets Drive to Lallendorf Road.  Construction work is scheduled to begin in early February and should be completed by December 2020.

The project improvements will occur within the existing public right-of-way or established easements with the following work occurring between these addresses:

2701 – 3111 Navarre         Lining of the existing local 8-inch waterline along the north side of Navarre Avenue with new fire hydrants and new waterline extensions across Navarre Avenue to the serve new fire hydrants along the south side of the road. 

3165 - 3181 Navarre          Installation of a new 8-inch waterline along the north side of Navarre Avenue with new fire hydrants and new waterline extensions across Navarre Avenue to the serve new fire hydrants along the south side of the road. 

3205 – 4157 Navarre         Installation of a new 8-inch waterline on both the north and south sides of Navarre Avenue with new fire hydrants.

Following all required testing, the existing water services serving all properties within the project limits will be connected to the new waterline as part of this project.

Construction plans and specifications for the project are available for review at the City of Oregon Municipal Complex at the Department of Public Service Office. 

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this project please contact the City of Oregon Department of Public Service at (419) 698-7047. 

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Survey Notice

Project Design Update

Construction Notice

Urban runoff is a term used to describe the runoff that occurs during rain events in areas that have a high concentration of impervious surfaces, such as asphalt roadways, parking areas, sidewalks, and rooftops. Urban runoff typically contains contaminants such as sediment, nutrients, hydrocarbons, metals, and bacteria from a variety of sources within the watershed. To combat runoff contaminants, the City of Oregon has constructed the Urban Runoff Capture and Otter Creek Restoration Project. This project is located at the western end of Eastmoreland Blvd, west of Wheeling Street. Construction began in Fall of 2019 and was completed in Summer of 2020. By capturing and treating urban runoff, this project will benefit Otter Creek and the Western Basin of Lake Erie. The City of Oregon was successful in obtaining a $499,997 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant from the US EPA for design and construction.

In June of 2018 the City of Oregon awarded a contract to Performance Pipelining Inc. of Ottawa, Illinois for work related to the improvement of existing sanitary sewers in the Moundview Park subdivision of the City.  Many sewers in this area are approaching 100 years old and require rehabilitation in order to maintain function and capacity.  This work will begin in August of 2018 and will include the inspection and lining of existing sanitary sewers and service laterals located within the City’s backyard utility easement.  The project is expected to be completed by April of 2019.  This work is a requirement of the City of Oregon’s Ohio EPA WWTP NPDES discharge permit and will greatly improve the overall condition of the sewers, including private sanitary sewer laterals within the utility easement.
If you have any specific questions about this project or what will be required to be accessed on your property, please contact the City of Oregon Department of Public Service at (419) 698-7047.  Your cooperation with this project is greatly appreciated.

The Pickle Road Storm Sewer Relief Ditch Project is designed to improve drainage along Pickle Road between Coy Road and Oak Tree Subdivision. Construction work is set to begin early February and should be completed by the end of September, 2018.

The project involves the replacement of existing storm sewers along the south side of Pickle Road, the west side of Flo Drive and the south side of Mary Allen Drive with larger storm sewers. A new open channel relief ditch will also be installed just west of Cardinal Bay Subdivision to provide a relief overflow path from Pickle Road to the Navarre Avenue storm sewer. In addition, an asphalt bike path will be installed along the new relief ditch between Pickle Road and Navarre Avenue.

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LUC-SR-2-21.24, PID 96295
The Navarre Avenue Safety Improvement Project involves implementing various safety and aesthetic improvements along Navarre Avenue between I-280 and Isaac Streets Drive to reduce crashes and improve safety.  The City has received grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration through the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for the project.  Construction on the project is scheduled to start in March, 2017.

The project will include the construction of a median along Navarre Avenue with bulb out and median openings to accommodate U-turns and emergency access.  The project will include a public access road between Wheeling Street and Navarre Avenue, located northeast of the intersection, with right-in and right-out access to Navarre Avenue (SR 2) to serve businesses and provide emergency vehicles access accordingly.  The project will also involve upgrading traffic signals, the addition of a second left turn lane for southbound Wheeling Street, resurfacing to improve pavement skid resistance, waterline replacement and other related work.  Work on the project is expected to be completed by the end of November, 2017.

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Construction Notice

Prior to the roadway construction, utility contractors will begin working within the city’s right-of-way along Navarre Avenue and Wheeling Street to install conduits to bury existing overhead utilities that cross the roadway.  This work began in early February 2017.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the overall project, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Service at (419) 698-7047 to discuss further.

OEPA Notice of Issuance of Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact and Completed LER

The City of Oregon Infrastructure Improvements project consists of the construction of an Ozone Building and Liquid Oxygen Loading and Storage Area including the installation of ozone generation quipment, ozone contactors, ozone dosing equipment, calcium thiosulfate storage and dosing system, and effluent pumping equipment. It will also involve the modification of the plant's existing filters including demolition of existing filter media, filter underdrains, and existing surface wash system; installation of new filter underdrains, media and new air scour system including blowers and air piping to provide air scour for filters. All work will occur within the boundaries of the existing WTP.

In accordance to the City of Oregon's Ohio EPA NPDES Permit No. 2PD00035*MD, the City is required to increase the secondary treatment capacity of the WWTP from 24 MGD to 36 MGD to eliminate secondary treatment bypasses and sanitary sewer collection system overflows (SSO's) during wet weather events. In accordance to the Compliance Schedule of the said permit, the project will be constructed in two (2) phases over the next five (5) years.

The Phase 1 project improvements consist of the replacement of two(2) influent screens, replacement of three(3) raw sewage pump motor drives, replacement of two blowers, full replacement of air piping and replacement of air diffusers in the aeration tanks and a dissolved oxygen control system, site restoration, and associated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) upgrades.

   OEPA Notice of Issuance of Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact

   OEPA Limited Environmental Review (12-11-2013)