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Director of Public Service - Paul Roman

Department Responsibilities and Functions

  • Coordinates the design and construction of the city's capital improvement projects and various other programs including road resurfacing, bridge and culvert replacements, storm water management program, handicap ramp implementation, storm and sanitary sewer upgrades, sidewalk program and ditch cleaning

  • Works closely with City Council and other City Departments on site plan reviews, drainage permits, zoning change requests, property splits, petitions and assessments

  • Serve you, the public, in meeting your needs regarding the public infrastructure and the various services provided by the divisions noted above

  • Responsible for all maintenance and improvement projects involving infrastructure (roads, bridges, culverts, traffic signs and signals, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, ditches, waterlines, utilities andetc.) within the public right of way and on city-owned properties

Please feel free to contact the Department of Public Service if you have any questions or comments.