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Sewer & Septic Systems

Do I need to get my septic system or well approved before I apply for permits?

Yes.  Every permit application, on property not having sanitary sewer, must be accompanied by a Pre-Plan Approval (pink slip) from the Lucas County Health Department.  Approval forms (pink slips) can be obtained by calling the Lucas Co. Health Dept. at 419-213-4100.

How much does a permit cost?

Permit costs are based on per unit size and type of work done on the property. Please call 419-698-7071 for a quote or see the permit form.  Forms are now available from the City of Oregon Website.

Are sewer contractors required to be licensed to work in Oregon?

Yes, a licensed sewer contractor must be licensed and is required on all sewer projects requiring a permit and inspection.  There is no exception to the licensing for sanitary sewer contractors.  Unlike other work, the resident owner may not do the sewer work on his own residence, rental property or commercial property he owns because the work is in the public right-of-way and connects to a public utility line.