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The City of Oregon Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project (Project Information Sheet) consists of replacing existing sanitary sewer lines located within the right of way of Cresceus Road, Mambrino Road, and Grasser Street (between Pickle Road and Dearborn Avenue) The project also includes sanitary sewer lining on Wheeling Street (between Navarre Avenue and Bleeker Street) and Pickle Road (between Grasser Street and Wheeling Street). (See project location map)

The new sanitary sewer replacement or lining will have the same alignment or location as the existing sewer within the public right-of-way. A new sanitary sewer will be installed on Fink Street, between Patchen Road and Cresceus Road, in order to reduce the depth of the sewer replacement on Cresceus Road. All existing sanitary sewer lateral connections within the public right-of-way will also be replaced as part of the project.


Existing storm sewers that are within the construction limits of the new sanitary sewers will also be replaced.

In order to provide additional flood relief, a new storm sewer will be installed within the right of way of Fink Street (from the dead end east of Mambrino Road to the dead end west of Patchen Road). A new detention area will also be created at the east end of Fink Street to provide temporary flood storage, and eventually drain properties between Grasser Street and Mambrino Road.

The city will receive $900,000 in grant/loan funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) and a low interest loan from the Ohio EPA Water Pollution Control Loan Fund to pay the estimated $2,337,289 project cost. The said loans will be paid through the City’s general income tax and there will be no new assessments to the property owners for the project.

Construction Schedule
Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in July, 2012 and be completed in May, 2013.

Project Contacts
For any questions or concerns regarding the overall project, please contact the Department of Public Service at (419) 698-7047. Construction plans and specifications for the project will be available for review at the City of Oregon Municipal Complex at the Department of Public Service Office.

Public Notifications