City Directory |    5330 Seaman Road, Oregon, Ohio



 PROJECT #1 Ponderosa Drive Improvements
  1700 LF of full removal and replacement of pavement and curb & gutter including installation of aggregate base and underdrains.
PROJECT #2 Asphalt Overlay Projects
  Bayshore Road – Wynn Road to East End
Brown Road – Wheeling Street to Woodville Road
Cedar Point Road – Stadium Road to Limits
Hollydale Avenue – Grasser to Wheeling
Ansonia Street – Navarre to Munding
 PROJECT #3 Various Pavement Repairs
  Yarrow Street – Seaman Road to Corduroy Road
Coy Road – Seaman Road to Corduroy Road
Brown Road – Coy Road to East Limits
Whittlesey Road – Starr Avenue to Seaman Road
Pickle Road – Laura Lane to Schmidlin Road
Worden Road – Coy Road to Schmidlin Road
Bellcourt Drive – Randall Drive to Starr Avenue
Randall Drive – Whittlesey Road to Berlin Avenue
South Shore Park - Various
 PROJECT #4 City of Oregon Low Service Pump Station Drive
  Spot Repairs w/ 2" 301 overlay over entire roadway (~78,300 SF)
PROJECT #5 City of Oregon Police Shooting Range
  Proposed work consists of the construction of a 24’ wide (~1000 ft in length) aggregate drive, parking lot, and concrete pads to serve the City of Oregon Police Shooting Range at the Oregon WWTP located at 4657 Dupont Road.