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Public Service Project Information

The City of Oregon has partnered with TMACOG, the Lucas County Health Department, and the Lucas County Soil and Water Conservation District to implement a Septic System Education Program for residents in the Wolf Creek watershed. You can see the project map here.This program is being funded by an Ohio Department of Natural Resources Coastal Management Assistance Grant that TMACOG received in January of 2015.  
The goal of this grant is to provide a comprehensive educational campaign for residents who have a septic system, also known as a Home Sewage Treatment System (HSTS).  Failed or not properly maintained HSTS discharge nutrients, fecal coliform, and other contaminants that degrade the water quality of Lake Erie and contribute to algal blooms.  This educational campaign will provide information to residents about septic system components, function, and maintenance requirements.  Enforcement is not a part of this grant; this work is solely meant to educate homeowners about their systems.        
As part of this grant, Lucas County Health Department cover letters and educational brochures have been sent out to approximately 500 households who have HSTS in the Wolf Creek Watershed.  Health Department staff have been conducting informative inspections of household septic systems.  Other grant deliverables include a public information video (see below YouTube link), updated GIS data, and a Science Night educational event at Coy School, held in the Fall of 2015.                                     
Should you have any questions concerning this project, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Service to discuss further.

Maintaining your Home Sewage Treatment System (HSTS)

OEPA Notice of Issuance of Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact and Completed LER

The City of Oregon Infrastructure Improvements project consists of the construction of an Ozone Building and Liquid Oxygen Loading and Storage Area including the installation of ozone generation quipment, ozone contactors, ozone dosing equipment, calcium thiosulfate storage and dosing system, and effluent pumping equipment. It will also involve the modification of the plant's existing filters including demolition of existing filter media, filter underdrains, and existing surface wash system; installation of new filter underdrains, media and new air scour system including blowers and air piping to provide air scour for filters. All work will occur within the boundaries of the existing WTP.

  Eastmoreland Drive – Yarrow Street to Edward Street (~1300 ft)
   - Full Removal and Replacement of existing asphalt / concrete
     road with new underdrains, aggregate base, curb and asphalt
S. Yarrow Street – Starr Avenue to Camelot Drive (~1180 ft)
     - 580 ft of Mill/Fill with Full Depth Joint Repair
     - 600 ft of Full Removal and Replacement of existing
       asphalt / concrete road with new underdrains, aggregate base,
       curb and asphalt
Asphalt Resurfacing over SAMI
  Stadium Road – Seaman Road to Navarre Avenue (~5230 ft)
Seaman Road – Wynn Road to Stadium Road (~5300 ft)
Lallendorf Road – Seaman Road to Starr Avenue (~2300 ft)
Norden Road – Cedar Point Road to Navarre Avenue (~13,200 ft)
PROJECT #3 Various Pavement Repairs
  The project consist of repairing roadway base failures and deteriorated surface defects at various locations on the following roadways:
  - Van Buren Avenue – Starr Avenue to North Corp. Limit
- Jersey Road – Brown Road to Rogers Lane
- Brown Road – Wheeling Street to I-280
- Starr Avenue – Easthampton Drive to Coy Road
- Coy Road – Seaman Road to Starr Avenue
- Springwood East – Seaman Road to Springtime Drive
PROJECT #4 City of Orgeon Municipal Building Parking Lot
  Curb Installation, Milling, and Asphalt Resurfacing
of Municipal Building South Parking Lot (~78,300 SF)
South Recreation Complex Bikeway Extension
  10 ft wide asphalt bikeway from Starr Extension Bridge
to the South Recreation Complex Concession Stand (~1000 ft)
including additional drainage improvements

In accordance to the City of Oregon's Ohio EPA NPDES Permit No. 2PD00035*MD, the City is required to increase the secondary treatment capacity of the WWTP from 24 MGD to 36 MGD to eliminate secondary treatment bypasses and sanitary sewer collection system overflows (SSO's) during wet weather events. In accordance to the Compliance Schedule of the said permit, the project will be constructed in two (2) phases over the next five (5) years.

The Phase 1 project improvements consist of the replacement of two(2) influent screens, replacement of three(3) raw sewage pump motor drives, replacement of two blowers, full replacement of air piping and replacement of air diffusers in the aeration tanks and a dissolved oxygen control system, site restoration, and associated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) upgrades.

   OEPA Notice of Issuance of Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact

   OEPA Limited Environmental Review (12-11-2013)