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 Oregon Municipal Court


Jeffery B. Keller
Steffanie L. Sawmiller
Trent D. Schroeder
Chief Probation Officer
Karen R. Trail
Thomas Dugan

Oregon was incorporated in 1958. A Mayor's Court was conducted on a regular basis until January 1, 1964.

The Oregon Municipal Court was established January 1, 1964 by the Ohio General Assembly and operates pursuant to the authority as set forth in Ohio Revised Code Section 1901.  Council chambers in the old Oregon township hall served as the first courthouse.  A new facility adjoining the police department was constructed in 1964.  Court was conducted daily for 23 years at this facility.  As the population increased, so did the volume of traffic, criminal cases and civil cases.  To maintain the dignity and decorum of the Court and to provide adequate working space for an expanding staff, a new courthouse was necessary.  After many years of planning, a new and modern courthouse was dedicated on May 29, 1987.

The Oregon Municipal Court Judge is elected on a nonpartisan ballot for a term of six years.  The term commences on the first day of January after the election.

Judge Joseph L. Wetli was the first elected Judge of the Oregon Municipal Court in 1963 and served as Judge until 1981.  When he retired, he was succeeded by Judge Donald Z. Petroff who served from 1981 until 2005, as the second Judge in Oregon.  Jeffery B. Keller is currently the presiding Judge and  the third elected Judge in Oregon.

Judge Jeffery B. KellerJurisdiction
The Oregon Municipal Court has jurisdiction within the municipal corporation of Oregon, Harbor View, and within Jerusalem Township, in Lucas County, and north within Maumee Bay and Lake Erie to the boundary line between Ohio and Michigan between the easterly boundary of the Court and the easterly boundary of the Toledo Municipal Court.  The jurisdiction in Lake Erie extends from the Maumee Bay north to Canada, then east just past West Sister Island to the Ottawa County Line near Crane Creek State Park.  Encompassing 60 square miles of land and 160 square statute miles of Lake Erie, makes it the second largest jurisdiction in Lucas County.  The territorial population per the 2000 Federal Census is:

City of Oregon  19,355
Jerusalem Township  3,181
Harbor View  99

Clerk's Office
The Clerk of the Oregon Municipal Court is appointed by the presiding Judge.  The duties of the Clerk's office are governed by the Ohio Revised Code and prescribed by statue.  The office is the repository of all pertinent case documentation for the public record.

The Clerk of Court's office comprises several divisions which provide the necessary support to the Judges, legal community, and the citizens of Oregon.

Civil Division
Encompasses the General Division, Small Claims, Rent Escrow,  Trusteeships and receives and distributes all funds according to the orders of the Court.

Violations Bureau
Responsible for collecting payment for traffic violations not requiring a court appearance.

Traffic Division
Enters all traffic cases in the computer docketing system, accepts payments, monitors payment plans, accepts bail bonds for out of state residents and reports all traffic convictions to the  Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Criminal Division
Enters all criminal cases in the computer docketing system, accepts bail bonds, collects fines and costs for criminal convictions and custody jail days.

An experienced staff assists the legal community and the public in filing civil and criminal appeals, Bureau of Motor Vehicles procedures and general information.

The Probation Department offers a variety of services to the Court and community.  Offenders deemed appropriate by the Court are referred to a pre-sentence officer who conducts an in-depth investigation.  The pre-sentence report assists Judge Keller in fashioning a sentence.  The report affects restitution to victims, rehabilitates and provides assistance in obtaining  counseling services, community service program, behavior modification, and systematically monitors offenders in an effort to fulfill his or her obligation to the community.

Bailiff Services
The Bailiff is appointed by the presiding Judge.  The Bailiff performs services similar to those performed by the Sheriff for the Court of Common Pleas and will perform any duties that are requested by the Court.  Bailiffs have contact with the general public and are charged with the management and general order of the Court.  Bailiffs serve subpoenas,  Civil documents, physical evictions ordered by the Court; maintain peace and order at eviction sites; seizure of property ordered by Writ of Execution and conducts auctions as necessary for the Clerk's office.

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