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When you imagine your dream home, what does it look like?

Is it a farm house on sprawling acreage in the middle of nowhere, or a small apartment in the middle of town? Is it in a new home in a brand new neighborhood, or is it a charming older home in an established area?  


Whatever your dream home looks like, you can find it in Oregon. Our community is made up of over 27 square miles, and our residents live in newly constructed homes, conveniently located apartments, and on thriving rural farms.

Oregonians benefit from excellent schools, outstanding medical care, a successful industrial community, and beautiful parks. And for all this, we pay the lowest property taxes in Lucas County. When you factor in the low cost of living and low crime rate, you start to understand why our residents call Oregon home.

People wanting to purchase a home in Oregon have a variety of styles to choose from. Some of our neighborhoods feature ranch style homes, traditional two-story construction and split-level houses. If you prefer to live in a home no one else has ever lived in, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our new residential developments. Our average home price is $164,000 which is substantially lower than the national average of $217,000. Nearly 75% of the residents in Oregon are home owners.

Our community has grown substantially over the last several years. In 2002, we invested $14.4 million in residential construction to build 74 new homes, and in the years since, we've seen an increase of nearly 300 new properties. We expect this growth to continue because of transportation projects, infrastructure improvements, bikeways and commercial and industrial development.


*Photos courtesy of Amy Lynn, Images on the Bay