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The City of Oregon will begin its fall leaf collection on Tuesday, October 21st. (See 2014 Leaf Collection Schedule below for detailed schedule.) Pile the leaves in the right-of-way and NOT in the street. Leaves in narrow piles are easier to leafpickup09collect with the city's leaf vacuum. Do not make the piles over four feet from the road edge because the hose of the leaf vacuum cannot reach farther. Please do not pile leaves next to mailboxes or signs and refrain from parking near leaf piles, as it is difficult to maneuver the hoses around obstacles and parked cars.

PLEASE NOTE, this is a LEAF PICKUP ONLY. Do not mix branches, grass clippings or any other debris with the leaf piles, as crews will leave the entire pile. This debris can damage the leaf vacuum machines causing downtime and delays in our scheduled pick-up days.

Leaf Collection Rules

1. Do not place leaves in the street or curb and gutter area, ditches and drainage swales.leaves-in-street1

Leaves in the street interfere with storm drainage, causing blockages andflooding. The correct place for leaf piles is in the lawn area, about 1-3 feet from the curb or road edge. Please note, due to local flood prevention and storm water quality regulations to improve Maumee Bay, placing leaves in a storm drain, curb and gutter, ditch, or drainage swale, is a direct violation of Oregon Municipal Code Sections 521.12 and 905.12

2. Do not include animal waste, grass clippings or yard waste (sticks, branches, straw, pumpkins, etc.) with the leaves.

grassclippingsLeaf collection machines are designed to pick up leaves only. Other items plug up these machines causing downtime and delays in your scheduled pick-up days. Also, grass clippings include mold that can stick to leaves in the machines. Leaf collection machines use an airborne process that will throw mold into the air, making an unhealthy environment for the crew and residents.

leafpickup-mb3. Do not place the leaf piles near trees, mailboxes or signs.

Obstructions like these cause crews to stop and hand rake, thus slowing the collection process. Please keep the leaf pile a minimum of three (3) feet from the said obstructions.


2014 Leaf Collection Schedule (Revised due to inclement weather)

Leaves will be collected in the areas listed below one final time – two (2) days in each area as scheduled to complete the job or as long as weather permits (snowfall and ice). Please be advised that the schedule below may end early due to inclement weather or as warranted by existing conditions.  Leaves must be bagged for garbage pick-up when the schedule ends.  Leaves may be bagged and put out with the weekly garbage pick-up at any time (40lb bag limit).  The City suggests that you use your leaves for compost and bedding for your garden areas.  No parking on streets during leaf pick-up in your area on days scheduled.

If you would like leaves for mulch, please call the Street Department at (419) 698-7016.

Area #1 (From Navarre Avenue (both sides) to the south city limits and from the west side of Lallendorf Road to the west city limits) – Dec. 1 or 2.

Area #2 (From the west side of Wheeling Street to the west city limits and from Navarre Avenue northerly to Seaman Road) – Dec. 3 or 4.

Area #3 (From the east side of Wheeling Street to Coy Road (both sides) and Navarre Avenue northerly to the south side of Starr Avenue) – Dec. 5 or 8.

Area #4 (from the north side of Starr Avenue to Corduroy Road (both sides) and from the east side of Wheeling Street to Coy Road (both sides) – Dec. 9 or 10.

Area #5 (Bay Shore Road (both sides) north to Maumee Bay from Alabama Street east, including South Shore Park south of Bay Shore Road) - Dec. 11 or 12.

Area #6 (All main roads and all other areas not included in areas 1 thru 5) will be collected on an “as needed” basis up to Dec. 12.

2014 Leaf Pickup Map