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The Oregon Fire/Rescue Department, in cooperation with First Energy, Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant, Sun Refinery and BP/Husky Oregon Refinery have built and maintain one of the finest fire training facilities in the United States.  The state of the art facility includes a confined space simulator, a 3-story tower with first floor burn rooms, second floor search and rescue areas, and third floor attic space. Also on site are a hazardous materials simulator, a school bus mass casualty simulator and two-stage vetilation roof simulator.

The facility also includes two classrooms and a maintenance bay area.  Also available are simulators for hydrocarbon pit fires, flange fires, semi truck fires, railroad track fires with fuel oil/propane capabilities.  These activities are located at the BP/Husky Refinery.  Our Training Center has been utilized by a number of full and part-time firefighting organizaions throughout the Northwest Ohio area.

The Training Center is assigned a full-time Training Officer.  District Chief of Training Mark Mullins is in charge of all fire and resue training for the Oregon Fire Deparrment, as well as scheduling and maintenance of the Training Center.  To schedule your training, contat District Chief of Training Mark Mullins at 419-698-7020 or 419-698-7044.

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