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Oregon Emergency Service TruckThe Life Squad in Oregon is part of the Lucas Country EMS System which has 10 advanced life support (ALS) squads located throughout Lucas County as follows: City of Toledo 5, City of Maumee 1, City of Sylvania 1, City of Oregon 1, Springfield Township 1, and Village of Whitehouse 1. The County contracts with the City of Oregon who hires the Paramedics and houses the vehicles at Fire Station #1. The Life Squad is designated as LS-8 and answers calls primarily in the City of Oregon and Jerusalem Township. LS-8 can be dispatched to Toledo or anywhere else as needed for ALS service.


10 full-time Paramedics 24 hour on/48 hour off rotation
100 paid on call EMT-Basics

Personnel - (Full-time Paramedics)

Doug Cousino Jack McKenzie
Chad Hartman Jeff Nissen
Phil Jimenez Greg Pollauf
Mark Keller Jim Rose
James Maher III Larry Voigt, Jr.

Advanced Life Support - ACLS, BTLS, PALS, Pediatric BTLS, in addition the paramedics perform and interpret 12 lead EKG in the field, which shortens treatment times for heart attack victims.