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Chapter 1343 Architectural Standards in Commercial Districts
Chapter 158 Tree Commission
Chapter 714 Telecommunications Facilities
Chapter 915 Weeds
Chapter 1101 Title, Interpretation and Enactment
Chapter 1103 Definitions
Chapter 1105 Enforcement and Penalty
Chapter 1107 Administration
Chapter 1109 Nonconformities
Chapter 1111 Procedures for Amendments or District Changes
Chapter 1113 Special Uses
Chapter 1115 Provisions for Official Zoning Map
Chapter 1121 Districts Established
Table of Setback Criteria
Chapter 1123-1143 District Purposes
Chapter 1123 A-1 Agricultural District
Chapter 1125 R-1 Low Density Residential District
Chapter 1127 R-2 Medium Density Residential District
Chapter 1129 R-3 Multiple Family District
Chapter 1131 R-4 Planned Residential District
Chapter 1132 R-5 Condo-Residential District
Chapter 1133 C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District
Chapter 1135 C-2 General Commercial District
Chapter 1137 C-3 Planned Commercial District
Chapter 1138 Dustin Road C-4 Business District
Chapter 1139 Navarre Avenue C-5 Business District
Chapter 1140 M-1 Light Industrial District
Chapter 1141 M-2 General Industrial District
Chapter 1142 P-Park Land
Chapter 1143 C-I Commercial-Industrial District
Chapter 1151 Site Plan Review
Chapter 1152 Landscaping and Bufferyards
Chapter 1152 Plant List A
Chapter 1152 Plant List B
Chapter 1152 Plant List C
Chapter 1152 Plant List D
Chapter 1152 Plant List E
Chapter 1153 Supplementary District Regulations
Chapter 1155 Supplementary District Uses and Structures
Chapter 1157 Off-Street Parking and Loading
Chapter 1158 Outdoor Storage, Bulk Storage and Outdoor Retail Sales
Chapter 1159 Home Occupations
Chapter 1165 Flood Plain Regulations
Chapter 1171 General Provisions and Penalty
Chapter 1173 Definitions
Chapter 1175 Principles of Acceptability
Chapter 1177 Improvements
Chapter 1179 Sketch and Preliminary Drawings
Chapter 1181 Plats
Chapter 1337 Sign Regulations