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HVAC Inspection

Is combustion air always required to be piped in from the outside?

No, in an unconfined area where the inspector determines there is enough infiltration or room volume is sufficient, piping in of combustion air is not required.

Are unvented gas-fired space heaters permitted in the City of Oregon?

Yes, in 1, 2, and 3 family dwellings provided they are equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor.  Also they must follow manufacturer's installation instructions for separation from combustibles & other ventilation requirements.  No other types of unvented equipment is permitted.  Some models are restricted from installation in bedrooms and bathrooms.

How far from the property line is an air conditioning condensing unit required to be set back?

There is no set back requirement, but it must be on the property it serves.  Recommendation for any mechanical equipment is 10'.

Are all chimneys required to be lined?

Yes, with either tile or an approved chimney liner, depending on the appliance(s) that is being served.

When do I need an HVAC permit?

A permit is required for any new and replacement heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment or systems in all buildings.

How much does a permit cost?

Permit costs are based on per unit size and type of work done on the property. Please call (419) 698-7071 for a quote or see the permit form.  Forms are now available from the City of Oregon Web Site.

Are HVAC contractors required to be licensed?

Yes, a HVAC contractor's license is required to do all HVAC projects requiring a permit and inspection.  The only exception to the licensing law is in a single-family residence. The resident owner may do the HVAC work on his owner residence after obtaining the required permits. The homeowner is not exempt from using licensed contractors for work on rental property or commercial property owned.