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Code Enforcement

How do I obtain an extension of time for compliance with orders from the Building Department?

Short extensions of time, in order to comply with orders, are based on the progress of the repairs, efforts made to comply and may be granted at the discretion of the district inspector after consulting with his/her supervisor

How do I put my rent in escrow?

Either the Legal Aid Society, the Oregon Municipal Court system or your attorney can provide the information outlining the process of rent escrow.  Legal consultation is highly recommended.

If I tell my landlord about problems with my apartment and they fail to make the repairs, can I not pay my rent?

Any failure to pay rent can be grounds for eviction. Any recourse on your part should only be done after seeking legal advice.

Can I remain anonymous?

Anonymous complaints can only be accepted on conditions that can be viewed and identified from areas that are accessible to the general public.  It is preferred that you provide a name so the city may follow-up with "action taken reports."

How do I file a complaint against my neighbor?

Complaints can be filed by writing the Building and Zoning Inspection Department and identifying the conditions which are alleged to be in violation of the various codes. Complaints can only be accepted on the conditions which can be seen from the public areas, or which the complainant can legally provide access to view.

What are my options when I receive notice of violation or an order to make repairs on property I own?

The first option would be to abate the violation or comply with the required repairs.  Another option would be to appeal any order that you do not think is not applicable to your property. The third option would be to ignore the orders and accept further enforcement actions, such as criminal prosecution or civil fines.