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Oregon Alerts

  • Boomfest

    Saturday, July 7th
    Oak Shade Grove
    3624 Seaman Road

    See flyer

    For More Information On Lou Gramm - "The Juke Box Hero"

  • Improper Disposal of Yard Waste
    Just a reminder, improper disposal of grass clippings or other vegetative debris into the road can result in many problems. When it rains, grass clippings and other vegetative debris are washed down our storm drains and into our storm water collection system.  If this material does not clog up the system, it often ends up in ditches, creeks, and ultimately Lake Erie where they decay.  The decaying process consumes oxygen while releasing nutrients which can lead to algal blooms. The City’s waste collector, Waste Management, allows for yard waste to be collected with the normal weekly garbage collection. Each bag must not exceed 40 pounds.   grassinstreet
  • Oregon Alerts Senior Well Check Program

    The Senior Well Check Program is a scheduled call to check on the safety of Oregon's seniors. If you are interested in this program you can fill this form out and email it to Sgt. Chris Bliss or drop it off at Police Records. If you have any questions, contact Police Records at 419-698-7052.

  • Oregon Road Closure Info