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Treatment Process

Raw Water

People often wonder about the process their water goes through before it becomes "potable". Our treatment begins as the water enters the intake, below the surface of Lake Erie, where Potassium Permanganate is fed to control Zebra and Quagga muscle growth at the intake and throughout the raw water piping. Permanganate is also beneficial for the reduction of organics in the raw water. The second step is the addition of Powdered Activated Carbon in the raw water. Carbon helps the taste and odor of the water by adsorbing the organics in the water that cause the taste and odor.

Treatment Plant

Once the water is pumped to the treatment plant, aluminum sulphate is fed to begin the flocculation process. This process removes the turbidity, or dirt particles from the water by changing the natural charge of the particles to allow them to cling together, similar to "static- cling." Lime is added after the alum to soften the water and to help with the flocculation. This reaction takes place in a flocculation basin where large horizontal paddles turn very slowly to allow these particles to stay suspened and bump into each other to form even larger groups called floc. This basin is divided into three sections in which the floc increases in size throughout each consecutive section. Once through this basin the water moves slowly into a settling basin where the floc particles are large enough to settle to the bottom. The next phase of treatment is recarbonation. Here, carbon dioxide is applied to the water to bring the PH of the water down to the level where it will be most stable in the distribution system. After this stage, the water then continues on into the filter room where it flows through large sand filters where any remaining particles are removed. From there, the water is chlorinated and flouridated before it flows into the underground reservoir for storage until it is pumped out to the city.


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