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Dustin Road Improvement, Phase 2

As part of the 2013 Roadway Improvement Program, the City of Oregon has awarded a contract for the second phase of replacing the existing deteriorated concrete pavement on Dustin Road. Starting Monday, August 12, 2013, a construction contractor will begin work on the Dustin Road Improvement, Phase 2 which will consist of replacing the existing 6" concrete pavement with a new 8" concrete pavement. The project will also include replacing curbing, installation of pavement underdrains, adjustments to curb inlets, and partial replacement of driveway aprons.

The construction limits for Phase 2 will begin approximately 275 ft east of Harbor Drive and end approximately 480 ft west of Coy Road. (See attached map for limits.) The remaining 480 ft of Dustin Road will be improved with the Dustin Road and Coy Road Intersection Improvement Project that will include the installation of a new traffic signal starting in the fall of 2014.

The Dustin Road Improvement, Phase 2 will be constructed in six (6) stages, which have been laid out by the city to maintain access to each property. The contractor has estimated that each stage of the project will last approximately three weeks each. Construction on the project should be completed by the end of November.

The city will be contacting each affected property within the Phase 2 construction limits directly to discuss how access will be provided during the various stages of construction. The city will be issuing official road closure notices for each stage of construction and will utilize changeable message signs to notify the traveling public.

The contractor for the project is Smith Paving & Excavating, Inc., 4426 North Old State Road, Norwalk, Ohio 44857. At the pre-construction meeting for this project, they were told to minimize inconvenience and adverse construction conditions during this project.

The City of Oregon has hired TTL Associates, Inc., 1915 North 12th Street, Toledo, Ohio 43604 to provide a full time project representative/inspector on the job. The project representative will be available on site to address any concerns you may have during construction.

For all concerns, questions or problems regarding the construction operation, the following are the project construction contact numbers:

(419) 698-7043 - City of Oregon Department of Public Service
(419) 698-7064 - Oregon Police Dispatch (any afterhours non-emergency matters)

For any questions or concerns regarding the overall project, please contact the Department of Public Service at (419) 698-7043. Construction plans and specifications for the project are available for review at the City of Oregon Municipal Complex at the Department of Public Service Office.
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