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Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project, Phase 3

As part of the Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Reduction Program, the City of Oregon will be lining existing sanitary sewers in the Euclid Park, Starr Park, and Old Eastmoreland areas of the City. The lining of sanitary sewers will prevent stormwater from infiltrating into the sanitary sewers. Excessive stormwater I/I causes sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and sewer backups into homes and businesses. This project is part of the Compliance Schedule required by the City’s Ohio EPA NPDES Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) discharge permit. Construction began in the middle of August 2015 and is expected to be completed by April of 2016. 

Project Map

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2015 Roadway Improvement Program
  Eastmoreland Drive – Yarrow Street to Edward Street (~1300 ft)
   - Full Removal and Replacement of existing asphalt / concrete
     road with new underdrains, aggregate base, curb and asphalt
S. Yarrow Street – Starr Avenue to Camelot Drive (~1180 ft)
     - 580 ft of Mill/Fill with Full Depth Joint Repair
     - 600 ft of Full Removal and Replacement of existing
       asphalt / concrete road with new underdrains, aggregate base,
       curb and asphalt
Asphalt Resurfacing over SAMI
  Stadium Road – Seaman Road to Navarre Avenue (~5230 ft)
Seaman Road – Wynn Road to Stadium Road (~5300 ft)
Lallendorf Road – Seaman Road to Starr Avenue (~2300 ft)
Norden Road – Cedar Point Road to Navarre Avenue (~13,200 ft)
PROJECT #3 Various Pavement Repairs
  The project consist of repairing roadway base failures and deteriorated surface defects at various locations on the following roadways:
  - Van Buren Avenue – Starr Avenue to North Corp. Limit
- Jersey Road – Brown Road to Rogers Lane
- Brown Road – Wheeling Street to I-280
- Starr Avenue – Easthampton Drive to Coy Road
- Coy Road – Seaman Road to Starr Avenue
- Springwood East – Seaman Road to Springtime Drive
PROJECT #4 City of Orgeon Municipal Building Parking Lot
  Curb Installation, Milling, and Asphalt Resurfacing
of Municipal Building South Parking Lot (~78,300 SF)
South Recreation Complex Bikeway Extension
  10 ft wide asphalt bikeway from Starr Extension Bridge
to the South Recreation Complex Concession Stand (~1000 ft)
including additional drainage improvements
Sidewalk Program

 The City of Oregon has implemented a Sidewalk Program to improve existing sidewalks that are in need of repair or replacement. Per Section 909.02 of the Oregon Codified Ordinances, "Every owner of any lot or parcel of land shall keep and maintain sidewalks now or hereafter constructed along all streets adjoining such land in good order and repair and free from nuisance."

Improve the overall condition and quality of the existing sidewalks to provide a safe pathway for pedestrian travel in the City of Oregon.

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LUC - Coy and Dustin Intersection Improvement Project

Construction will begin in September 2014 to upgrade the intersection of Coy Road and Dustin Road with a new traffic signal.  Along with the new traffic signal, the project will also include the widening and resurfacing of Coy Road to provide turn lanes at Dustin Road. The work on Dustin Road will involve the full pavement removal of the existing concrete pavement and replacement with a new asphalt pavement section. There will also be drainage replacement and utility relocation work associated with the project along Coy Road.

The City has been awarded $689,330 in funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through the Ohio Department of Transportation's Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) for the project.

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South Recreation Complex Stormwater Improvements Project

Construction for the South Recreation Complex Stormwater Project has been completed. 

This project is a demonstration project funded by an Ohio EPA Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) grant.  The City received this grant in late 2012 for the construction of a bioretention stormwater demonstration project at the Municipal Complex. The grant amount was $105,758.

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Isaac Streets Drive Improvement

As part of the 2014 Roadway Improvement Program, the City of Oregon has awarded a contract for replacing the existing deteriorated concrete pavement on Isaac Streets Drive. Starting Monday, June 2, 2014, a construction contractor will begin work on the Isaac Streets Drive Improvement, which will consist of replacing the existing 6" concrete pavement with a new 8" concrete pavement. The project will also include replacing curbing, installation of pavement underdrains, adjustments to curb inlets, and partial replacement of driveway aprons.

The construction limits for this Project will begin approximately 90 ft south of Navarre Avenue and end at the intersection of Munding Drive and Isaac Streets Drive. (See attached map for limits.)

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2013 - 14 Public Service Department Project Information

See below link for information on 2013 - 14 Department of Public Service Projects.   

2013 - 14 Public Service Department Project Summary

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