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2013 - 14 Public Service Department Project Information

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2013 - 14 Public Service Department Project Summary

WWTP Secondary Treatment Improvements - Phase 1 and 2

In accordance to the City of Oregon's Ohio EPA NPDES Permit No. 2PD00035*MD, the City is required to increase the secondary treatment capacity of the WWTP from 24 MGD to 36 MGD to eliminate secondary treatment bypasses and sanitary sewer collection system overflows (SSO's) during wet weather events. In accordance to the Compliance Schedule of the said permit, the project will be constructed in two (2) phases over the next five (5) years.

The Phase 1 project improvements consist of the replacement of two(2) influent screens, replacement of three(3) raw sewage pump motor drives, replacement of two blowers, full replacement of air piping and replacement of air diffusers in the aeration tanks and a dissolved oxygen control system, site restoration, and associated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) upgrades.

   OEPA Notice of Issuance of Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact

   OEPA Limited Environmental Review (12-11-2013)

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Dustin Road Improvement, Phase 2

As part of the 2013 Roadway Improvement Program, the City of Oregon has awarded a contract for the second phase of replacing the existing deteriorated concrete pavement on Dustin Road. Starting Monday, August 12, 2013, a construction contractor will begin work on the Dustin Road Improvement, Phase 2 which will consist of replacing the existing 6" concrete pavement with a new 8" concrete pavement. The project will also include replacing curbing, installation of pavement underdrains, adjustments to curb inlets, and partial replacement of driveway aprons.

The construction limits for Phase 2 will begin approximately 275 ft east of Harbor Drive and end approximately 480 ft west of Coy Road. (See attached map for limits.) The remaining 480 ft of Dustin Road will be improved with the Dustin Road and Coy Road Intersection Improvement Project that will include the installation of a new traffic signal starting in the fall of 2014.

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Oregon Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project, Phase 2

The City of Oregon Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project (Project Information Sheet) consists of replacing existing sanitary sewer lines located within the right of way of Cresceus Road, Mambrino Road, and Grasser Street (between Pickle Road and Dearborn Avenue) The project also includes sanitary sewer lining on Wheeling Street (between Navarre Avenue and Bleeker Street) and Pickle Road (between Grasser Street and Wheeling Street). (See project location map)

The new sanitary sewer replacement or lining will have the same alignment or location as the existing sewer within the public right-of-way. A new sanitary sewer will be installed on Fink Street, between Patchen Road and Cresceus Road, in order to reduce the depth of the sewer replacement on Cresceus Road. All existing sanitary sewer lateral connections within the public right-of-way will also be replaced as part of the project.

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Seaman Road Storm Improvement (2012)

The Seaman Road Storm Sewer Improvement Project involves the installation of a new large storm sewer along the north side of Seaman Road from Stadium Road to Clay High School. A new open channel with mounding will connect the new storm sewer to Wolf Creek across from Clay High School along the east property line of city owned property.

The project will provide an overflow path from Wolf Creek to the new Big Ditch storm sewer along Stadium Road north of Seaman Road. The purpose of the project is to provide flood relief during large rain events for properties located along Stadium Road and Seaman Road near Wolf Creek. The new storm sewers and open channels that were installed along Stadium Road as a part of the recent Big Ditch Improvement Project were sized to handle additional flow from Wolf Creek. The existing storm sewer along the south side of Seaman Road will remain in place.
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Big Ditch Improvement Project

bigditch_pt011The Big Ditch Improvement Project involves improving the roadside drainage ditch along the west side of Stadium Road from Seaman Road to Bay Shore Road to increase safety by eliminating the eroding ditch banks along the roadside and to improve the overall drainage system.  Please note, property owners will not be assessed for this improvement project.  The City has been awarded $319,200 in grant funding and $478,000.00 in low interest loan funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission Program for the project.

The improvements will include the replacement of the ditch and undersized culverts with a large storm sewer, catch basins, and shallow grass-lined swales.  At the downstream end of the project, near South Shore Veterans Park, and in areas along open farmland, the improvement will include enhancing the existing ditch by widening and relocating the ditch further away from the roadway to restore the ditch to a more natural stream channel. 

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LUC-Wheeling Street Widening Project

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The Wheeling Street project includes the widening of Wheeling Street from Navarre Avenue (SR 2) to Pickle Road, including the bridge over I-280.  As part of the project, Wheeling Street is being widened to 5-lanes from Navarre Avenue to just south of Pickle Road and to 3-lanes from just south of Pickle Road to Brown Road.  Upon completion, the Wheeling Street Project will reduce congestion and create easier access along the Wheeling Street corridor.  The project is expected to be completed by December 2012.  All work is weather permitting.

Through November 2011, the contractor for the ODOT Wheeling Street widening project in Lucas County will establish lane closures and restrictions on Wheeling Street. Through November 2011, Wheeling Street, between I-280 and Navarre Avenue, is reduced to one lane in both directions.

Beginning Wednesday, March 2, 2011 through November of 2011, the Wheeling Street Bridge over I-280 will be closed to allow the E.S. Wagner Company to remove and replace the existing overpass bridge structure with a new 6-lane structure.  Detour: Dearborn Avenue and Navarre Avenue.  Dearborn Avenue will be temporarily converted to two-way traffic between Wheeling Street and Navarre Avenue during this period.

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