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Post Construction Storm Water Management

The post-construction storm water management in areas undergoing new development or redevelopment is important to the City of Overflow DitchOregon because the increase in sediment creates adverse effects on our storm sewer system and water treatment process. The post-construction impacts typically occur in two forms. The first impact resulting from new development is an increase of storm water runoff rates due to an increase in impervious area.

The second impact is the process of pollutants being transported by storm water runoff. The concern for the first impact is storm water quantity or capacity, and the concern for the second impact is storm water quality. This control measure will combine structural and non-structural best management practices (BMPs) to improve the storm sewer system and reduce pollutants entering the system.


The design of Post-Construction storm water controls shall be in accordance with the Ohio EPA’s Construction General Permit #OHC000004, the City of Oregon’s Storm Water Management Plan, and Codified Ordinances of Oregon, Ohio Section 1177.06 Storm Sewers.

Design Resources

ODNR's Rainwater and Land Development Manual (Ohio’s Standards for Stormwater Management Land Development and Urban Stream Protection)

Guidance Regarding Post-Construction Storm Water Management Requirements of Ohio EPA's Storm Water Construction General Permit #OHC000002.

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