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What's New In Oregon?

  • Basement Backup Prevention Grant Program

    This program builds upon the existing backwater valve grant program the City has offered since 2008. This program intends to cost share the installation of both improvements that prevent sanitary sewer backups into homes and businesses as well as improvements that will remove stormwater I/I sources from the sanitary sewer. Click here for more info.

  • Trick or Treat
    The City of Oregon has designated Monday, Oct. 31, 2016 from 6 - 8:00 pm as Trick or Treat night in observance of Halloween. Parents and motorists are urged to take safety precaution and be aware of our little "ghosts and goblins" roaming our neighborhoods. ghost
  • Household Sewage Treatment System Repair Program

    The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) is providing funding to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department (TLCHD) for assisting Lucas County households with the repair and replacement of failing household sewage systems (HSTS).  This project is an assistance program designed to reimburse registered sewage installers with costs associated with the replacement or repair of a failed HSTS.  Click here for program information.

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